Film Map for Scrutineers


Large A1 Map, listing film titles, in the manner of the London Underground Tube Map

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Ever scrolled through a ‘Film Site’ staring blankly at 100’s of titles, brain whirring, too much choice?

Never again with the Film Map for Scrutineers ~ whatever your mood, it will guide you to the films you need to see. From Star Wars to Badlands, Toy Story to Le Samourai, Towering Inferno to Vertigo, the worlds greatest films are listed, inter-linked, categorized, juxtaposed and double-billed to offer you hours of entertainment!

Two different ways to choose your film viewing:

Follow one of nine lines that take you to the films that suit your mood or go to one of thirty-two stations that group films under unpredictable headings. Colour-coded titles under the headings suggest alternatives to those films that fall on the mood route line…

Five minutes spent with the Film Map for Scrutineers before a visit to a Film Site will save you hours of indecision!

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Dimensions 21.5 x 13 x 0.5 cm